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A New Website, A New Beginning

There is an old saying that the shoemaker’s children are often the last to get shoes.  The same thing holds true for communications professionals.  We are so busy helping our clients and bosses reveal and reinforce their value that we often neglect the same efforts for ourselves. 

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Clean up your messages Now!

The New Year is a time of recharging and starting over. For me, it’s a time for the annual purge of the files. I’m a pack-rat who never met a piece of paper I didn’t want to keep.  Every year, I vow not to do this, but somehow I end up with home-office files stuffed with cable company bills, medical insurance explanations of benefits, and tons of articles I find on the internet to read later. 

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Avoid the Porosity of Information Trap

Information about our organizations and our employees flows freely across the Internet in ways we don't expect.  A medium-sized start-up doing business globally – let’s call them New Company – wanted to promote new hire, Susan, someone they had snagged from Big Competitor.

Message Development is Essential to Communications Planning

Good message development is a critical part of any communications plan.  Despite all the talk about the importance of good messaging, it remains an elusive part of communications planning and in some cases down right mysterious to many companies and organizations.

Leadership Communications: One Equals the Other

Good leaders have vision.  Great leaders have vision and the masterful the ability to communicate it, thus captivating others to embrace and support it.   Nowhere was the intersection of leadership and communications more evident than in the remarks by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama when he spoke at the Anwar Sadat Lecture for Peace at the University of Maryland.

We Rob Banks: Message Development Made Simple

In the 1967 movie Bonnie and Clyde, when protagonist Clyde Barrow says, “We rob banks,” it’s more than just Warren Beatty’s braggadocio that stands out.  It’s the simply clarity and outrageous truth of that brief declarative sentence.     When it comes to message development, most people think they know what their message is.  They’ve undoubtedly said or written it many times.

Targeting Audiences: Ask the Right Questions

In a recent article in the Washington Post, pollster and messaging guru Frank Luntz offered the following counsel to Republicans:  Re-frame the questions being asked about America’s future because, as he put it, “whoever controls the questions determines the answer.”  Smart advice.

Painting Pictures with Language

With just a few words, prominent geologist and Interim President of CUNY College of Staten Island William Fritz vividly summed up why Hurricane Sandy hit the island borough in the middle of New York Harbor so hard: “We’ve hardscaped our sponge.”

The Power of Framing Messages

Last week the Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell backed away from a controversial abortion bill that only a week before seemed to be gathering steam.  The bill would have called for an invasive ultrasound to be performed before any abortion could occur.  What started out as a debate about limiting the access to abortion and fetal rights within a week became  a discussion of government intrusion.