How the Lack of Clear Messaging Hurts Your Business (and How to Fix It!)

You may be losing clients, job opportunities or supporters because you don’t have clear messaging. So you confuse, you bore or you turn your audience off. Here are some tips to get your messages out of the fog so the audiences who matter most to you can see and appreciate your value.

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4 Ways to Show Your Clients Why You Are Valuable

No matter what our endeavor, we all seek to create value for those we serve. And yet, so many worthy ventures and causes don't get traction because the people behind them struggle to communicate what matters most to their audience: why are you valuable to me?

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How do you win when you actually hate to promote yourself?

I hate talking about myself. Now that might seem strange coming from someone who has spent a career promoting others. I was brought up with the idea that if you do good work, people will notice it. But as we know, that isn’t how it works. Read more to learn how to get out of the self promotion trap.

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Cut the Fake Vulnerability

Somehow people have gotten the idea that being vulnerable can be a powerful marketing tool. And it might be if it’s genuine. But vulnerability to sell feels more like manipulation than genuine connection. What is, after all, true vulnerability?

How Effective Are Your Company’s Communications Programs?

Do you know whether the time and money you are investing in communicating with your stakeholders is effective? If not, it’s time for a communications audit. Here’s why it can be helpful.

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