How to create fearless marketing one relationship at a time

My biggest fear when I started my company more than 20 years ago was that I wouldn’t get any business. As it turned out, I didn’t have to dial for business because I had strong relationships with people who trusted me, valued my skills and wanted to help me. This post offers some tips for building these relationships.

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Surprising Strategy to Grab Attention, Reduce Tensions, and Win Hearts and Minds

When leaders impose new directives without explanation or context, or when they criticize poor performance in harsh ways, they often fail to get the results they seek. When tough decisions must be made, unpleasant news has to be delivered, or big changes are on the horizon, going neutral can be the best approach.

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Kiss Change on the Lips if You Want Your Business to Thrive

Advertising executive Cary Hatch knows a thing or two about communication and change. She recently merged her successful marketing agency with another firm and had to practice what she preaches. In our latest Prism of Value podcast, Cary talks about what the merger has taught her about leadership, culture building and communication.

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How do you win when you actually hate to promote yourself?

I hate talking about myself. Now that might seem strange coming from someone who has spent a career promoting others. I was brought up with the idea that if you do good work, people will notice it. But as we know, that isn’t how it works. Read more to learn how to get out of the self promotion trap.

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The Remarkable Come Back of the Lowly Telephone

There is something magical about the human voice that can’t be replicated in an email or text. At a time of physical distancing, the phone is making a come back. Here are some tips to make the most of reaching out and touching someone.

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