Kiss Change on the Lips if You Want Your Business to Thrive

Advertising executive Cary Hatch knows a thing or two about communication and change. She recently merged her successful marketing agency with another firm and had to practice what she preaches. In our latest Prism of Value podcast, Cary talks about what the merger has taught her about leadership, culture building and communication.

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When Do The Best Ideas Emerge in a Meeting?

The organizations that will thrive in this new, shifting normal are those that can build a creativity culture with their teams. Brainstorming sessions are part of the process. When do the best ideas surface? Read more.

This Is One of The Most Powerful Communications Tools

Empathy is key to effective communication. When you get to step inside someone else’s world and understand what is driving their actions, you can achieve breakthroughs. Empathy is about respect and respect leads to trust.

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We Have A Communications Problem

More often than not, enterprises believe that they have a communications challenge when there is something else amiss. Use a communications lens to frame challenges to uncover what is really holding you back. Rethink communications as a tool to strengthen your business.

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