7 Ways to Ensure the Biggest Bang for Your Communications Dollar

With the first quarter of the year nearly complete, now is a great time to check in on the effectiveness of your communications investments. Stop wasting time and money on initiatives that are not performing. Here is a checklist to guide you.

This Is One of The Most Powerful Communications Tools

Empathy is key to effective communication. When you get to step inside someone else’s world and understand what is driving their actions, you can achieve breakthroughs. Empathy is about respect and respect leads to trust.

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Effective Communications: It’s the Story, Stupid!

While there was no stated theme at the recent Communications Network  Fall Conference, virtually every plenary and break out session focused in some way or another on the need to tell our stories better for more effective communications.  I suppose this theme isn't surprising among professional communicators but it was fascinating how much of a struggle it seems to be for a group of people, who more than most, really understand storytelling.

SPOKESPOWER: Spokesperson Power

The events of last week – from the terrifying explosions at the Boston Marathon to the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in Texas were defined by chaos, a lack of clarity about what happened and why, and enormous amounts of misinformation.

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