Most of us sell ourselves way short when representing who we are and what we do in our business lives.

We tend to talk about ourselves by the tasks we perform or the name of our profession.

An example: “Hi, I am Suzie Smith and I am a lawyer.”  Yawn.

Or, “Hi, I’m Suzie Smith and I keep families together and people out of jail.”

Which one is more compelling; the second one, of course. Because it speaks to the impact Suzie makes on others.

As you think about building your personal brand, consider the value you bring to people and make that the focus of how you introduce yourself and how you describe yourself and your business.

That means that you have to know what your clients and customers value about what you offer.

It’s the results you achieve for and with others, that matter and that is the foundation of great personal brands.

How might you reframe your work to show results?