Empowering Employees with Open Communication

When a friend of mine recently retired from the job she held for seven years, she decided to be totally honest in her exit interview.  Freed from the need for an employer’s reference, she felt comfortable being honest, yet respectful, about why she was leaving—despite their offer of more money and flexibility to stay.

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6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Facilitator for your Next Meeting

We’ve all been in retreats or meetings that go off the rails, are unproductive or unnecessary. Why? Poor planning, lack of an agenda and insufficient management of the conversation. As a result, meetings are viewed with dread as time wasters, and opportunities to tap into the collective wisdom of teams to identify solutions and advance fresh thinking that opens up possibilities for business growth are missed. Worse yet, a poorly run meeting can deepen disagreement and discord.

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How to create fearless marketing one relationship at a time

My biggest fear when I started my company more than 20 years ago was that I wouldn’t get any business. As it turned out, I didn’t have to dial for business because I had strong relationships with people who trusted me, valued my skills and wanted to help me. This post offers some tips for building these relationships.

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Surprising Strategy to Grab Attention, Reduce Tensions, and Win Hearts and Minds

When leaders impose new directives without explanation or context, or when they criticize poor performance in harsh ways, they often fail to get the results they seek. When tough decisions must be made, unpleasant news has to be delivered, or big changes are on the horizon, going neutral can be the best approach.

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