Don’t Become Anyone’s Raw Meat: A Lesson in Defensive Communication

This is inspired by an experience facilitating a board of directors’ retreat for an association undergoing a rebranding. While the board was excited about the new direction the organization was taking, the changes were met with swift and fierce negative reactions from longstanding members, who felt excluded from the decision-making process. In the end, the issue wasn’t so much the new name or logo, but how the changes were implemented. This incident exposed several rifts between the board and the membership.

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Build Brand Advocacy Internally to Build a Stronger Presence Externally

Creating and maintaining a strong brand presence in today’s competitive market is vital to ensuring your message is heard loud and clear. Turning your internal team into brand advocates reaps enormous benefits, driving engagement, loyalty, and adoption of company values and products. Here are several tips to build brand advocacy internally, ensuring your employees see themselves and act not just as workers but as passionate champions of your brand.

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Show Me The Love At Work

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. It may seem odd to talk about love in a business setting but when we love our clients, our colleagues, our teams, and our partners and they love us back, it makes work not seem like work. It is about healthy and strong work relationships, and the best way to build authentic connections is by showing those most critical to your success, some love. Here’s how.

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