Whenever you launch a new product or make a statement, you’re going to draw the ire of somebody. Get ready so you protect your reputation.

Krispy Kreme recently experienced this when they offered a free doughnut to anyone who had gotten a COVID-19 vaccine.

The anti-vaxers were furious because they thought it was discrimination.

And the medical community was upset because they thought it was promoting poor eating habits, contributing to the epidemic of obesity in this country.

No matter how well-intentioned, a free offer, for example, someone is not going to like what you are doing or saying.

And these days instead of screaming at our TVs or ripping up a newspaper we scream on social media for everybody to hear.

So, before you launch a campaign or take a stand, think about what is the negative fallout that could occur.

Don’t run from it, just prepare for it.

Have a spokesperson at the ready, craft your response.

Drawing anger from people means you’ve touched a nerve; you’ve reached an emotional chord.

The important thing is not to let that anger spiral out of control and destroy your reputation.