How do you communicate value and relevance, especially during these turbulent times when everything is shifting beneath our feet constantly?

Good messaging always begins with research to understand your stakeholders, their needs, challenges, or aspirations.

And that’s incredibly important.

But at a certain point, you just have to put the messaging stake in the ground.

You’ve done your homework. You understand where people are, and you know how you can solve their problems or fulfill their dreams.

And you can spend lots of time and money perfecting your website and tweaking and adjusting your messages.

Just put that messaging stake in the ground and leave it there long enough to see if it’s holding.

And if it’s not, and you aren’t getting the business you want or people misunderstand what you are saying, then you do need to adjust your messaging.

But take care of how quickly or dramatically you make adjustments.

One of the things we see in our practice that when you move too fast, they do nothing but confuse.

Your messaging stake is grounded in research and understanding who you are trying to reach and what you believe your value is to them.

The alignment between your belief in your value and the perception of your value in your target’s mind is something that will be continually tested with your clients, employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

And that testing becomes even more acute if you are contemplating a pivot in your business.

Put your messaging stake in the ground, leave it there long enough to see if it holds and if you move it, do so incrementally.