Find Your Amazing Story to Connect with The World

Storytelling and sharing is one of the most powerful ways to connect us with others. But so many of us don’t realize that we even have stories to tell. We have to have the discipline to see the stories in front of us and learn to tell them well. Learn how in this post.

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Why Your Storytelling Fails to Connect and How to Fix It

Businesses are jumping on the storytelling bandwagon and so many aren’t doing it well. Here are some ways to use storytelling to captivate your stakeholders.

Stop: Do You Have the Right to Tell That Story?

When Jessica Curry took her daughter Parker to the National Portrait Gallery to see the recently installed portrait of Michelle Obama, a fellow museumgoer was struck by the little girl’s expression. Ben Hines snapped a photo with his cell phone and later posted the photo on Facebook.

Don’t Let An Algorithm Exploit Your Story

We don't often consider the ethics of telling our story.   Mother's Day email reminders opened my eyes to the challenges of storytelling in the digital age.  Not long after my mom died in April last year, an email came from the local florist reminding me to send flowers.

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Puppies, Clydesdales Lead to Great Storytelling

The stars of this year’s Super Bowl weren’t the Broncos and Seahawks but the adorable Labrador puppy and muscular Clydesdale featured in a 60-second Budweiser beer commercial.  At last count, the ad had more than 40 million views on YouTube.  Pollster Frank Luntz noted on CBS This Morning that women and men in a focus group he arranged to watch the big game ads were deeply moved by it, some to tears.  So why is this commercial so powerful?

Effective Communications: It’s the Story, Stupid!

While there was no stated theme at the recent Communications Network  Fall Conference, virtually every plenary and break out session focused in some way or another on the need to tell our stories better for more effective communications.  I suppose this theme isn't surprising among professional communicators but it was fascinating how much of a struggle it seems to be for a group of people, who more than most, really understand storytelling.

Painting Pictures with Language

With just a few words, prominent geologist and Interim President of CUNY College of Staten Island William Fritz vividly summed up why Hurricane Sandy hit the island borough in the middle of New York Harbor so hard: “We’ve hardscaped our sponge.”

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