Public Relations as Powerful Therapy for your Business Now

Public relations pros play a vital role in helping companies and nonprofits figure out how to do business when the future is so unclear. Rather than parading out a bunch of tactics—press coverage, click-throughs, blog mentions, etc.—PR folks need to act more like therapists and get to the root of the real issue as this post highlights.

1 Thing You Do That Annoys Other People and How to Stop It

The other day, I was having a conversation with a client and made the comment that someone is never too old to be a mentee and never to young to be a mentor. Then I said, “That would make a good tweet,” and tweet I did with some positive response.

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Beware What You Say in Public; You Just Might Get Fired

On a hot summer day in 1999, I was driving to a meeting that my boss asked me to attend in his stead.  Traffic was bad. I was late and frustrated that I would not be showing up on time.  I’m speeding along the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia and someone cuts me off. Annoyed, I flipped her the bird.

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Don’t Let An Algorithm Exploit Your Story

We don't often consider the ethics of telling our story.   Mother's Day email reminders opened my eyes to the challenges of storytelling in the digital age.  Not long after my mom died in April last year, an email came from the local florist reminding me to send flowers.

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Customer Service: Communicating a Great First Impression

Walking into the office of a real estate services firm recently, we were met, not by a receptionist, but by the “Director of First Impressions.”   And the woman in that job lived up to her title, warmly greeting us and making us feel welcome and upbeat for our meeting.

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Social Media Shortcut: Can You Tweet For Me?

Not too long ago, I was approached by a potential client looking for a PR firm to increase its visibility among target audiences.  The first question they asked was “So Can you Tweet for me? We need to be on Twitter?”  They might need to be but in my view that was the wrong question.  What needs to be asked first are two basic questions:  Who are you trying to reach and why?

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