We Have A Communications Problem

More often than not, enterprises believe that they have a communications challenge when there is something else amiss. Use a communications lens to frame challenges to uncover what is really holding you back. Rethink communications as a tool to strengthen your business.

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Public Relations as Powerful Therapy for your Business Now

Public relations pros play a vital role in helping companies and nonprofits figure out how to do business when the future is so unclear. Rather than parading out a bunch of tactics—press coverage, click-throughs, blog mentions, etc.—PR folks need to act more like therapists and get to the root of the real issue as this post highlights.

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The Powerful Communications Secret in Lenore’s Scarf

At the recent Comnet ’17 conference, I noticed Lenore Neier of the William T. Grant Foundation.  A beautiful white scarf with a tiny gold design was draped perfectly around her neck.

Leadership Communications Resolutions for 2014

For most of us, the ever-changing communications landscape – indeed, the shifting make-up of the world itself – makes it tough to keep up. So every year we resolve a little more firmly to deliver the leadership communications solutions that bring us a little closer and a little more connected to those who are most important – our customers, our supporters, our funders, and our family, friends, and professional associates.

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