How to Communicate During Times of Uncertainty and Disruption

Under the shadow of coronavirus, volatile financial markets and fractured politics, uncertainty, fear and doubt abound. Effective communications can help us navigate trying times. This blog offers some tips for how.

Social Media Shortcut: Can You Tweet For Me?

Not too long ago, I was approached by a potential client looking for a PR firm to increase its visibility among target audiences.  The first question they asked was “So Can you Tweet for me? We need to be on Twitter?”  They might need to be but in my view that was the wrong question.  What needs to be asked first are two basic questions:  Who are you trying to reach and why?

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Another Strategic Communications Lesson From My Dog

One of my best teachers about strategic communications has been, oddly enough, my dog, Ben. Of course, he can’t communicate the way we humans do by talking but he’s pretty good about letting us know what he wants and needs. And one of the ways he is able to do that is to tune into us. He observes, he senses where we are and responds.

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