How to Communicate During Times of Uncertainty and Disruption

Under the shadow of coronavirus, volatile financial markets and fractured politics, uncertainty, fear and doubt abound. Effective communications can help us navigate trying times. This blog offers some tips for how.

Crisis Communications Done Right – Powerful Lessons

When the going gets tough, the tough get going—with words and action. Nowhere is this more apparent than in CEO Tony Fernandes’ response to the crash of AirAsia flight 8501.

Crisis Communication: Responding in a Brand Appropriate Way

In the past month, the headlines have been filled with companies, politicians and companies facing crisis communications issues large and small. While ObamaCare tops most of the news, it isn't the only thing facing harsh criticism

Crisis Communications Lessons from Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, dubbed “Frankenstorm” by the National Weather Service, barreled over the East Coast this week wreaking yet untold havoc and destruction.  As one governor put it, the damage in some places is “unspeakable.” But because of excellent communication and preparation, loss of life and serious injuries seem to have been kept to a minimum.

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Komen Foundation and Public Relations – It’s About Regaining Trust

There is not much I can say more about the Susan G.  Komen Foundation  debacle that hasn’t already been said.  They stepped in it and were unprepared for the push back and fall out.  But at the core of this mess is that Komen lost sight of what they were all about.   And that was why there was such an outcry.   In the Twitter and Facebook age, that outcry was immediate and fast, causing a public relations firestorm so hot that Komen had to reverse its decision about withdrawing funds from breast screenings at Planned Parenthood, so as not to be consumed by it.

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A Public Relations Lemon Becomes Lemonade

St. Mary’s College of Maryland, a fine, public liberal arts institution, faced a big problem.  Mold sickened students and displaced 250 of them from their dorm rooms.  What did the college do?  It found a cruise ship to provide temporary housing while they remediate the mold problem.

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