Communications Training: TV Tactics

Does the thought of speaking on camera for a video blog, television interview or podcast send shivers up your spine? Whether you’re building a base, reconnecting with customers, or working to change minds and hearts, the ability to be comfortable and effective on-camera has never been more important. 

Spokesperson Training: Spokes-Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Let’s face it, if you are like most people, you’d rather get a root canal than have to stand up and speak in front of group.  And with good reason.  Absent effective spokesperson training, a nervous misstep can cost you a client, cause a deal to go south or create a social media firestorm from which it is hard to recover.

SPOKESPOWER: Spokesperson Power

The events of last week – from the terrifying explosions at the Boston Marathon to the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in Texas were defined by chaos, a lack of clarity about what happened and why, and enormous amounts of misinformation.

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