During this pandemic, it’s hard to find much to look forward to.

But one event I very much look forward to is the Washington Business Journal’s Mentoring Monday, February 22.

Now more than ever mentoring matters.

As people are struggling to navigate their career path during these crazy times, they need a guide.

We are obligated to share our knowledge, insights and our support.

I’ve been a mentor for a few years with this program and I learn just as much from the “mentees” as I hope they learn from me.

Hearing about their experiences and their questions teaches me so much.

It is so important to give back to people. Think about who has helped you on your way. I know there have been so many people who have generously give me their advice.

You are never too old to have a mentor and never too young to be one.

And it’s always timely to pay it forward.

Will you join me on February 22? The link to the event is in the comments.