salon crew selfieSmall acts have a big impact. 

A few weeks ago, I woke up feeling blue.  

The state of the world.  

The ever growing divides in our society. 

The anger. The fear.  It was all too much.  

Until I got my hair cut. 

Shannon, the stylist who has been cutting my hair for nearly 25 years, told me an amazing story. 

One of her former colleagues and friends was in bad straits.  She had gone out on her own a few years ago and now was really sick and couldn’t work for a while.  Bills were piling up. 

During a conversation with her friend, Shannon learned just how dire her situation was. 

So Shannon thought, what could she do?  And then it hit her. 

She asked a few of her salon co-workers if they would be willing to come in on a Sunday and do hair for all of her friend’s clients and any fees would be donated to help her friend recover. 

Every single stylist said yes.

Shannon borrowed her friend’s cell phone and called all the clients to explain what had happened and offered the opportunity to come get their hair done that next Sunday. 

What happened next was awe inspiring. 

The salon where Shannon works graciously agreed to let her use the facilities for this fundraiser. 

The clients came in droves and not only paid for the hair services but gave even more.   And the salon ownership also contributed a significant amount financially.  

They raised $15,000.  But even more importantly, they raised everyone’s spirits.  

As Shannon told me the story, she got more and more animated and joyful.  To be able to share so much love, to give hope was so powerful. 

Ordinary folks like Shannon, her co-workers, and her friend’s clients all rallied to help. And the salon’s owner was proud of his team. 

We can’t fix the big problems in the world but we can make a big impact to those near and dear to us, to those in our communities.  

Small gestures add up and enough of them can make the world a better place. 

What is something you can do to make your world a better place?