Sometimes we have to step back to step forward. That was something that advertising executive and entrepreneur Cary Hatch did when she decided after several successful decades to merge her firm MDB Communications with Cleveland-based Hart. In this episode of the Prism of Value podcast, Cary discusses the challenges and opportunities of the merger, her own evolution as a leader to take this important step and some of the practical things she did to communicate and facilitate culture building at the expanded firm.

It is well recognized that in order to understand the value of something, one must first understand both its strengths and limitations. In order to do this, one needs to go through specific steps. The same holds true for ourselves and our business. If we want to understand the genuine worth of our businesses and ourselves, we must undergo these tests. Some people overlook some of the process’s preliminary steps. Starting at the beginning is still the greatest course of action because we can see all of the inefficiencies and difficulties along the way. In today’s episode, we have Cary Hatch, CEO of MDB Communications and a communicator extraordinaire, having 30 years of experience in the advertising and marketing field. She emphasizes the importance of building a valuable company and how she gains partnerships with other businesses. She also shares some advice on how to proceed in unfavorable situations and still establish high value of herself and her company. 

Key Takeaways

The Guest’s background and her company

How to build a valuable company and getting partnerships

Navigating uncomfortable circumstances and establishing values along the process


“Humility is key to success, and I also think you must have a mentioned objectivity.” – Cary

“You constantly have to be evolving. You have that responsibility for your people, your clients, and honestly, for yourself.” – Cary

“Give yourself permission to start at the beginning. It’s not starting at the bottom. It’s starting at the beginning.” – Cary 

Featured in this Episode

Cary Hatch

CEO and Brand Advocate, MDB Communications



Company Website: https://www.mdbcomm.comChapters

Takeaways and advices for our audience

00:00 Episode and guest intro

02:05 Cary’s company and what is all about

03:05 Building the company and getting partnerships

09:53 Navigating through discomfort situations

15:49 Going into process and establishing values

19:49 Piece of advices for the audience

22:47 Maintaining the proper perspective

24:47 Challenges of the future and opportunities

30:06 Final Thoughts