7 Tips for Expressing an Attitude of Gratitude

These days the thank you note and other expressions of attitudes of gratitude can sometimes seem like an endangered species. Expressing thanks is an important part of social well being. Here are some tips for how to do it right.

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A Friendship That Survives Despite War and The Passage of Time

During the pandemic, many of us have lost touch with people personally and professionally. As this post demonstrates, it’s never too late to reconnect and rekindle relationships and friendships. It just takes some bravery and a lot of intention.

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How Effective Are Your Company’s Communications Programs?

Do you know whether the time and money you are investing in communicating with your stakeholders is effective? If not, it’s time for a communications audit. Here’s why it can be helpful.

Yes, You Can Make Virtual Meetings Amazing

If you ever thought that a virtual meeting can’t be engaging, think again. A recent experience at an online dinner and networking event changed my mind, offering some powerful lessons on fostering interaction and intimacy while sitting in front of a screen. Learn how to make it happen.

Branding Yourself: Being Memorable

This question was very much on my mind at a BNI business networking event I attended this morning as a guest.   The whole reason for the gathering is to connect with others to do business.  Each of the 50 or so folks in the room got 30 seconds to talk about their company so that the rest of the people in the room could think about possible referrals or other opportunities.  Thirty seconds is at once an eternity and a nanomoment.

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