Being on LinkedIn these days is a lot like going into a bar.  You sit down, strike up a conversation with some people next to you and the next thing you know they are hitting on you.

On LinkedIn, the same thing is happening.  People reach out and they say, ”Hey, it looks like we have a lot of people in common,” or “It looks like you interested in this and I am too. “  I look at their profile and it looks like a good fit and so I click accept.

Within minutes, I get requests, “Here is how we can help you with sales leads.” Or “We have a great video product or can provide you with financial services?”

They haven’t even tried to find out anything about my needs or build a relationship.

All it does is tick me off.

I disconnect from them and am certainly not interested in hearing their pitch.

Somehow these folks have either forgotten or never understood that at the heart of it, relationships are the glue that cements business opportunities.

You have to invest the time to get to know people in the network.

The connection on LinkedIn is just the beginning.  There seems to be an impatience or a lack of understanding that you have to take the time to get to know people and build a relationship.

It’s a fundamental tool of sales and marketing.

I have nothing against financial planners, video consultants, or graphic designers.  I love you all.

But please take the time to understand my needs before you start hitting on me for business.