Getting attention for our products and services is not enough. We have to hold attention and keep our stakeholders engaged. And we shouldn’t do it with cheap emotional shots.
This was brought home to me a few days when I got a call that went like this: “I really feel weird making this call. I’m even uncomfortable and I’m one of your neighbors.”
Well, that got my attention. What is this all about, I wondered.
“I’m interested in buying your house.” And then she went on to describe what she could offer, and when I interjected, I realized that there was no one on the other end of the phone. It was an auto-generated call.
I immediately hung up and felt used. She had pulled at my emotions for crass reasons.
She expressed at the beginning vulnerability and that did open me up to listen to what she had to say.
But then I realized it was all fake, and there is so much now that is fake and inauthentic. If you are going to express vulnerability you ought to be genuine.
In this real estate agent’s case, she got my attention, but she was never going to get my business. I blocked her calls.
Brene Brown talks about being vulnerable as being courageous, a word that comes from the Latin cor, which means heart. When you communicate from the heart you connect rather than manipulate.
I’d be curious to hear from others how you think vulnerability can help you connect with others, especially if it comes from a genuine place.