You gotta have a message!

Now that may sound obvious, but so many companies and organizations, often don’t have a clear set of messages.

They lack messages that everyone on their team understands, is comfortable using, and that express who they are and why others should engage with you.

I have recently worked with several different clients who have undergone extensive and very good branding processes.

These have resulted in new visual identities and some articulation of what their brand is and maybe even have tag lines.

But what is missing is the messaging platform that brings that brand to life.

This platform is so essential to developing web copies, social media campaigns, advertising, etc., etc.

A good messaging platform consists of 3 elements:

A core or overarching message that speaks to the value that your organization brings to your audiences.

Sub-messages – 3 or 4 broad messaging themes that begin to show how you deliver that value.

And finally, your proof-points, which as the name might suggest, prove that you actually deliver on what you say you do and who you are.

Creating a messaging platform is as much an editing process as it is a generative process.

I find that most organizations have a good sense of what they want to communicate but they clutter it up with less important information.

Or they lead with their proof points and their stories without setting that context that an overarching message would provide.

Investing and developing a messaging platform actually saves time and money down the road.

It helps align your team around a consistent narrative.

And in a crowded communication landscape like we’re in now, having that clear focus about what you want to communicate is so important to make sure that people not only hear it but feel it, and act on it.

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