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Strategic and Corporate Communications

Communications Planning: SCORE© Your Assets

We’ve been writing and talking about how achieving communications success in this age of rapidly changing, fast-growing platforms requires learning how to be like an orchestra conductor—bringing together a wide arrangement of programs, needs, and audiences, developing and maintaining a strong brand position, and keeping your enterprise front and center in the minds of key stakeholders.

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Why Communications Plans Fail

Communications planning is one of the key elements of a successful marketing and public relations program.  But all too often these beautifully crafted, wonderfully researched, and well-written plans simply fail to deliver.  Here are six reasons why.

Communications Transparency: Big Brother is Watching

The Internet of Things is changing our lives in ways that most of us don't fully understand.  With the pervasive use of location monitoring, social media and now sensors on our bodies, in our cars and our appliances, we are under surveillance constantly,  for which we have volunteered.

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Want An Effective Communications Campaign? Look at Road Races

As I hit the mid-point of the Army 10-Miler race, with breathtaking views of the Washington, DC, monuments honoring Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington, I was struck by how running a long race is a lot like creating an effective communications campaign. 

Strategic Communications that Keep the “Ship” Afloat

Organizations without clear messaging and without a strategic communications plan are like the Costa Concordia—they run aground.  Rarely is there a tragic loss of life, as there was with the Mediterranean cruise liner.  But there most certainly can be severe consequences:  reputational damage at worst and apathy among customers and donors at best. 

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Targeting Audiences: Definition & Outcomes

One of the most important and yet often most poorly thought through parts of strategic communications planning is targeting audiences. Most organizations and companies don’t delve deeply enough with their communications plan. They see their audiences as monoliths.

5 Reasons You Need a Communications Plan

Is your company or organization churning out press releases every week that don’t get picked up?  Are you spending money on digital and print advertising but seeing sales decline?  Are your employees unable to send a consistent message about your organization to customers or donors?

Strategic Communications: 4 Reasons NOT to Hire a PR Firm

A communications or public relations practitioner may be your best ally and resource when seeking or refining strategic communications to reach key audiences, build support, and deliver more dollars to your bottom line.

Targeting Audiences: Ask the Right Questions

In a recent article in the Washington Post, pollster and messaging guru Frank Luntz offered the following counsel to Republicans:  Re-frame the questions being asked about America’s future because, as he put it, “whoever controls the questions determines the answer.”  Smart advice.