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Strategic and Corporate Communications

Inspiration: Communications Planning for Philanthropy and Social Change

At The Communications Network conference last week in Boston, there many valuable and practical insights into how to build better communications planning around philanthropy and social change.  But what was most valuable to me were the provocative questions and inspiring stories that so many of the speakers provided.

For More Strategic Communications, Think Sushi

Sushi is the perfect food.  Simple, direct and no frills.  Sushi is colorful and carefully constructed.  Unlike other cuisines, sushi is light without heavy sauces.  For those of us who spend our days in pursuit of the best in strategic communications, sushi offers us some powerful lessons.

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Communications Planning: Inventory Control

It’s a new year and as companies and organizations think of communications planning, it's good to step back and inventory your assets and think about how you will communicate their value inside and outside of your company or organization. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often organizations don’t fully understand what their true assets are.

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Another Strategic Communications Lesson From My Dog

One of my best teachers about strategic communications has been, oddly enough, my dog, Ben. Of course, he can’t communicate the way we humans do by talking but he’s pretty good about letting us know what he wants and needs. And one of the ways he is able to do that is to tune into us. He observes, he senses where we are and responds.

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