Media Relations: Finding Your Perfect Pitch

Media relations have never been more challenging. With the speed of communications, the multitude of communications platforms, and the rise of press release distribution services, reporters and editors are simply overwhelmed by the number of pitches and press releases they receive.

Crisis Communications Done Right – Powerful Lessons

When the going gets tough, the tough get going—with words and action. Nowhere is this more apparent than in CEO Tony Fernandes’ response to the crash of AirAsia flight 8501.

PR Disasters (and How to Avoid Them)

The last few months have seen a cornucopia of PR disasters.  My friend and colleague Rob Deigh sent around three links highlighting some embarrassing gaffes in the fashion industry. Then there was a seriously flawed ad campaign for Malaysian Airways.

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Communications Training: TV Tactics

Does the thought of speaking on camera for a video blog, television interview or podcast send shivers up your spine? Whether you’re building a base, reconnecting with customers, or working to change minds and hearts, the ability to be comfortable and effective on-camera has never been more important. 

Public Relations: Writing Better Press Releases

Recently we got a call from a company that wants to increase its visibility.  Seems they were looking for a firm to write a few press releases a month.  After explaining that press releases alone really weren’t going to get them where they wanted to go, the caller thanked me for my time and said they’d be in touch.

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Five Qualities of Good Public Relations People

NBC’s Today show devoted a segment this week to Alzheimer’s disease, with a “PR executive” who sincerely advocated for her cause (she noted that her mother had suffered from Alzheimer’s), but struck an odd note when she said that the disease’s “negative stigma” is due to a perception that it’s a disease that “old people get.” 

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Social Media: 140 Outrage-Inducing Characters

The Tweet read, “If a girl is drunk, is it ok to have sex with her?  Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused.'   It was deleted almost as quickly as it was posted, but the “ill-advised” question posed by Dr. Phil McGraw (or his team) drew understandable outrage. And the impact of this mind-blowing social media misstep lingered long enough to make it into this week’s edition of Time magazine.

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