Your Public Relations Firm Relationship: Is It a Marriage Made in Heaven?

Outside public relations support can be an invaluable tool – whether you’re working on a single project or in a long-term engagement to provide perspective, expertise, and communications support.  But if you’re spending wads of money and feel as though your relationship with your PR firm is spiraling toward the drain, it’s time to reexamine the basics. 

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Crisis Communications: When Shtickiness Goes Wrong

Paula Deen, the doyenne of Southern cooking, had a really good thing going—a strong brand, a loyal following, TV shows, and a multi-million dollar empire of endorsements, cookbooks, cookware, restcookbooksAnd then it all came crashing down. 

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Crisis Communications Planning: Your Best Defense Against Disaster

It’s 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and a crisis is unfolding. A reporter has heard that your CEO is about to be indicted for embezzlement.  Or there has been a terrible accident at one of your offices and someone is gravely injured.

Public Relations IS Community Building

An article in the most recent Harvard Business Review got me hopping angry because it undercuts the value of PR and communications.   Some background: The piece was about  TED, that marvelous convener of great minds and ideas, and how it had appeared to lose control of its brand through its TEDx gatherings. 

Media Training: Knowing What NOT To Say

In this age of tell-all and bare-all, there are many times in business and in life when it is just best not to share information.  Within the context of media relations, while most people think about what they want to say ahead of any public statement or interview or discussion, they too often fail to anticipate how to answer the follow-up questions.

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Crisis Communications Lessons from Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, dubbed “Frankenstorm” by the National Weather Service, barreled over the East Coast this week wreaking yet untold havoc and destruction.  As one governor put it, the damage in some places is “unspeakable.” But because of excellent communication and preparation, loss of life and serious injuries seem to have been kept to a minimum.

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Tunnel Vision, Crisis Communications and PR Counsel

A recent article in the Washington Post about the summer drama over the ouster and then reinstatement of University of Virginia (UVA) President Teresa Sullivan detailed the effort of Rector Helen Dragas to put a positive public face on this action. 

When Public Relations People Try to Control Too Much

This headline PR Woes: When Access Isn’t Worth It on a recent post on Media Bistro’s Fishbowl DC was too compelling to resist.   Contributing writer Eddie Scarry was lamenting the demise of a connection between a publicist who invited him to a screening of The Paperboy and then told him he would be banned from future screenings because Scarry had written negatively about the film.   The publicist’s action raised his hackles and mine as well.

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