Media Relations: Finding Your Perfect Pitch

Media relations have never been more challenging. With the speed of communications, the multitude of communications platforms, and the rise of press release distribution services, reporters and editors are simply overwhelmed by the number of pitches and press releases they receive.

Public Relations IS Community Building

An article in the most recent Harvard Business Review got me hopping angry because it undercuts the value of PR and communications.   Some background: The piece was about  TED, that marvelous convener of great minds and ideas, and how it had appeared to lose control of its brand through its TEDx gatherings. 

Strategic Communications: 4 Reasons NOT to Hire a PR Firm

A communications or public relations practitioner may be your best ally and resource when seeking or refining strategic communications to reach key audiences, build support, and deliver more dollars to your bottom line.

Presentation Skills: 10 Things PR Job Seekers Should Know

It’s a tough and scary job market, whether you are just starting out or a more seasoned candidate.  But many job applicants make their task even more difficult because they present themselves poorly, an especially vexing problem when the job being sought is in the communications arena.  Here are some thoughts on personal presentation skills.

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Best Prep for Public Relations Pros: A Solid Liberal Arts Education

Not long ago, the daughter of a friend asked me what she should major in for a career in PR.  Without a moment’s hesitation, I said it doesn’t matter as long as you know how to think and how to write.  If you can do those two things, you’ll be successful in public relations or for that matter in almost any career.

Crisis Communications Planning: Be Prepared

The earthquake in Japan and dangerous situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plant reminds us of how quickly and suddenly disaster can strike.  Compounding the terrible human tragedy is the sense that people do not trust the information they are receiving and feel that the power company is not telling them the truth.

Undercover Boss: Transparency is Good Public Relations

t’s a great premise–the CEO leaves the swank office and corporate jet behind to go out into the trenches and see how the real work of the company gets done. Sometimes it means sweeping floors, getting hands dirty and hearing stories of hard work and hard lives, good managers and bad.

Social Media: The Selective Generalist

A few days ago, I heard presentations by Brian Solis, Deidre Breackenridge,  and Lee Oddenat a virtual conference that Vocus put together called Retweet: Engagement Means Business.  I’ve always been energized by how much there is too learn, how much to know in the world but after listening to these presentations, it struck me as overwhelming. 

Language: Words PR Folks (or Anyone) Should Use with Care

Stop the world.  Not literally.  But I sure would like to stop the poor use of several words that seem to show up often in press releases, articles and, it just seems, everywhere.   When used well, this language greatly assists understanding.  Unfortunately,  they are so overused that they have become almost meaningless.

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