Leadership Communications and the Mashable Media Summit

When planning a conference, it’s always a challenge to decide whether to go for breadth or depth, especially when you only have one day.  At the Mashable Media Summit last week, they went for breadth, which ultimately was a disappointment.

1 Million Social Media Followers in 24 Hours for All The Wrong Reasons

For several years now, many have been trumpeting the death of “traditional” media.  But the Charlie Sheening of America and  his  record setting 1 million Twitter followers in 24 hours (now grown to more than 2 million) was created by the news media.   Too bad it’s so tough to find real news like rising oil prices that threaten our economic recovery, political upheaval in Libya, Egypt and other countries, joblessness, a crumbling health care system,  and the fact that we are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Social Media: The Selective Generalist

A few days ago, I heard presentations by Brian Solis, Deidre Breackenridge,  and Lee Oddenat a virtual conference that Vocus put together called Retweet: Engagement Means Business.  I’ve always been energized by how much there is too learn, how much to know in the world but after listening to these presentations, it struck me as overwhelming. 

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