Customer Service Nightmares

Today was the day I had dreaded for some time.  I had to clear up a bunch of issues with several big companies—Lowes, Comcast, Verizon, and KitchenAid.  And now with phone calls completed, I’m looking back on a day of exhausting, frustrating, and dehumanizing experiences

Message Development: Make Negative Work For You

Many clients ask why positive news about their organization or company doesn’t seem to get much attention.  The answer is simple.  In public relations, message development, and elsewhere, negativity is more memorable.   And that’s why we are seeing so much of it in this political season.

Marketing: Is Rebranding Right for You?

Were William Shakespeare to come back today, he might find it oddly amusing the care and marketing attention companies and organizations pay to find the right name.  Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours coming up with THE name–one that will help them earn big bucks, cement customer loyalty, get them attention and, in many cases, reinvigorate their brand.

Leadership Communications Starts at the Top

Does your company or nonprofit communicate effectively with your important audiences?  If yours is like many enterprises that I encounter, the answer might be that you don’t because you don’t have a good communications team.   That is a lame explanation for a failure in leadership communications.

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Why American Customer Service Resembles Soviet Collective Farms

In the old days of the Soviet Union,collective farms managed the growing process like this:  one brigade tilled the soil, one brigade planted, one watered, another harvested and no one was responsible when the crop failed.  Unfortunately, this same style of management and customer service seems to have been adopted by America’s biggest companies.

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