How to Restore Trust When You Have Made Your Customers Angry

I loved Southwest Airlines. Until now. This once trusted brand has shaken my confidence and that of so many others. When a trusted brand like Southwest lets so many people down, the costs to reputation and to repair the damage are high. Businesses and nonprofits alike would be wise to learn from their mistakes. Here are a few tips.

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Leadership Communications Starts at the Top

Does your company or nonprofit communicate effectively with your important audiences?  If yours is like many enterprises that I encounter, the answer might be that you don’t because you don’t have a good communications team.   That is a lame explanation for a failure in leadership communications.

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Message Development: Build a Culture of Purpose

At a workshop I facilitated for nonprofit leaders on message development and communications, I was reminded once again of the critical relationship between organizational strategy, culture and communications.  The workshop hosted by Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development (CNHED) in conjunction with Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB) came out of a discussion a few months ago about the potential to create  a campaign to heighten the awareness of policy makers, funders and other audiences about the huge and growing gaps in the financial  security of Washington, DC families.

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