How to Restore Trust When You Have Made Your Customers Angry

I loved Southwest Airlines. Until now. This once trusted brand has shaken my confidence and that of so many others. When a trusted brand like Southwest lets so many people down, the costs to reputation and to repair the damage are high. Businesses and nonprofits alike would be wise to learn from their mistakes. Here are a few tips.

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Crisis Communications: A Spot on the Communicators’ Wall of Shame

BP’s Tony Hayward doesn’t get it.   In crisis communications terms, his words are a like a giant oil spill themselves, coating the media waters with arrogance, stupidity and leaving the impression that no one really is taking charge of this extraordinary catastrophe. A New York Times article today suggests that he’ll probably be fired before this is all over.

Customer Service: Just Ask Me But Ask Right

Recently, I got a call from a survey company asking me “a few” questions about local hospitals (it was more like 30).   As someone who often conducts such customer service surveys on behalf of clients, I decided to participate.  It was clear after a short time that the survey was about a specific local hospital trying to understand its reputation in the minds of potential consumers and how they make decisions about which hospital to select when they need one.

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