Recently, I got a call from a survey company asking me “a few” questions about local hospitals (it was more like 30).   As someone who often conducts such customer service surveys on behalf of clients, I decided to participate.  It was clear after a short time that the survey was about a specific local hospital trying to understand its reputation in the minds of potential consumers and how they make decisions about which hospital to select when they need one.

All the questions were multiple choice. I give them credit for asking, but,  if you are going to take my time to ask me how I feel and how I decide about something as important as going to a hospital, then allow me to respond in some way other than a, b, c, or none of the above.  I know that it’s hard to tabulate open ended responses.  But if you are going to ask, you should be prepared for feedback in the respondent’s own words.  And if you are going to take my time, at least tell me how it will be used and how I will benefit.  It can’t all be about you.

Anyone have a good experience with telephone surveys?