Earlier this week, I did a training for a company’s research and PR staff on how to improve their writing. In that presentation, I included my 10 Commandments of Good Writing. Number Six: Thou Shalt Show ‘Em Not Just Tell “Em.

Last night I saw a great commercial that does exactly that — storytelling with a purpose.  Traveler’s Insurance uses a really cute dog worried about protecting his most coveted possession, his bone, to convey that they can help YOU protect the things you care about most.

They could have had a famous actor TELL you about all the things you are worried about and how they can do to give you peace of mind. Instead as this video demonstrates, they SHOW us with humor and wit.

Storytelling with a Purpose

This is storytelling at its best. As you think about the next memo, press release or report that you might be writing, think about how to tell a story. Think about painting pictures with your words. Show, not tell.

And if you’d like a copy of my 10 Commandments of Good Writing, let me know.