Word Mongering: How NOT to Get Anything Written

Several years ago, while working with a client -- who shall remain nameless to protect the not-so-innocent -- I found myself stuck in word-mongering hell.  As told in the Huffington Post this week, we were drafting an op-ed piece for a major metropolitan daily about a timely subject.

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Leadership Communications: Grace in Defeat

A great Olympic moment occurred not on the medal podium but on the sidelines as dejected snowboarder Shaun White failed to achieve his dream of capturing a third gold and earning a unique place in the history books.

Change Management: Post Sale to Jeff Bezos

In the movie Avalon, the father character Sam Krichinsky, remarks wistfully, "If I knew things would no longer be, I would have tried to remember better."  I'm sort of feeling as Sam did today when I learned about the sale of The Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.  We mourn for what was while moving forward to the future.

Change Management: Manage Your Perspective & Read a Book

Taking a vacation break from all that change management?  Here are some recommendations (not in any particular order) for reading that will change the way you think about things and help you in your work when you return.

Change Management: The Great Snow

It’s humbling to realize how easily our world can come to a stop.  And how all the incredible communications tools we have don’t work when we don’t have power.  After the first blast last weekend, all of our neighbors ventured out trading information.  Some even ventured beyond the end of the street to get a good look at what was happening and then heard more information from others.

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