I did not intend to write about memory but logging into my Google Account I just forgot my password and had to reset it for the 8th time.  And it strikes me that memory, along with so many other factors, weighs heavily on change management.

I have a password naming convention that I use but apparently I deviated from it so couldn’t sign on. And then I remembered how much I have to remember–passwords for every site that I go on–news sites, banking sites, retailers that I buy fairly regularly from. And I’m told by my techie friends that I need to change my passwords often for security reasons. On top of all these passwords, I also must remember the things of daily life–doctors appointments for the kids and the dog, schedules, and countless other details. My kids and husband ask me to remember their stuff too, to be their memory. Sometimes it just feels like too much.

My husband tells me to write these details on a calendar. A great idea except that I never remember to look at it.