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Reveal what’s unique about your enterprise and what your key audiences most need and want to drive extraordinary results.

Momentum™ Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Wainger Group takes the “scary” out of strategic planning with a Momentum Strategic Planning™ Process that engages every member of the team in forging powerful strategies, messages and tools that propel your enterprise to greater success, while fostering employee and partner buy-in.

MVP ™ Brand Message Development:

We get the big idea out of you. Wainger Group’s influence model of message development illuminates your essential value, defeats “list-speak,” and creates an MVP™ message platform that communicates value so your clients and customers “get you” and respond.

Research: Periscope 360™

To underscore your leadership and credibility, you need to know not only what others in your space and within your enterprise are doing—but how they’re expressing it. Wainger Group uses Periscope 360™ systems to assess the internal and external landscape so you position value and compete effectively.

Communicate Your Value
Live Your Value
PR in a Box™

Because your success is also a measure of our success.

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