The other day while on a Zoom, my camera did something weird.  What started as a clear image became blurry.  I was blurry.  People could still hear me but they couldn’t SEE me or the things I was trying to share.

And it made me think how easy it is for all of us to become out of focus for our clients and customers and employees.

That because we keep moving along providing the services and products as we always have, but our customers and clients are shifting and changing.  And that’s the challenge we all face.

How do we keep pace with what we are offering and how fast our market is moving and shifting.

An certainly in these times, we’re facing a lot of rapid change and uncertainty.

We are not living in a new normal so much as a shifting normal.

So how do you respond and act?

Most important is communication. Communicate not just broadcast what is on your mind.

How we may have done this in the past, may have to change. Reach out to your clients and find out how they are doing and what they are experiencing as they are re-opening.

This will allow you to hear the facts and understand the emotion and concerns of your clients, demonstrating your value to them because you cared enough to listen.