The Twittersphere was abuzz today with several posts about a website called  One Sentence.   It’s a place where brevity and a quick trip to the essence of the story is celebrated and honored.

The storytelling on the site is of a personal nature and quite delightful.  But I started to think, what if businesses communicated this way?  Instead of the press releases touting the superiority of their products or denials of wrong doing, what if they just wrote about their work in one sentence honestly?  And nonprofits could benefit from this kind of story telling as well. For example:

BP might write:  “We are facing the biggest crisis in our company’s history and only time will tell whether we and the fragile coastline will make it through.”

Toyota: “We’ve always been on the winning side and we’re fighting our way back so that people trust us again.”

Doctors Without Borders: “We go where no one else wants to go and it makes people better.”

One Sentence is a great idea.  Why don’t we all try it?