Maintaining a dynamic and vibrant organizational culture has never been more important or difficult. For leaders like Phillippe Lanier, who oversees all activities for EastBanc, a 600-person global real estate, retail,  and technology company, building and empowering his team is a central focus and that involves letting go and an emphasis on being of service.  In this episode of Prism of Value, Phillippe discusses his approach and philosophy managing this family-owned company, navigating through the pandemic and laying the foundation for the future.

Key Takeaways:
0:00 Intro
1:32 Philippe talks a little bit about his company, how it came to be and what it does
2:43 Philippe talks about communication in a family ran company and how it impacts the company
3:33 Philippe talks about how having a mix of businesses in the company reinforce each other
5:33 Philippe talks about the number of employees that they have in total in their company
6:36 Philippe talks about how they maintain connectivity in all of their employees so that they understand the company and family values to do business
7:27 Philippe talks about how the pandemic has impacted their business and what they are doing to cope with the situation
9:39 Philippe talks about some of the things that they are doing to keep the positive energy and connectivity to manage the pandemic situation
13:46 Philippe shares some of the things that they have learned through the pandemic that will guide them through and some of the challenges they faced and are still facing
16:50 Philippe talks about the importance of good communication in a company and some of the challenges that he faced as a leader during the pandemic
20:23 Philippe shares his advice to leaders, someone starting a company or someone who is moving to a leadership role
22:40 Philippe talks about how the people that he works with are important to his brand and how, in a sense, they are the brand
26:12 Philippe talks about some of the things that give him hope and optimism these days

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Quotes Mentioned:
“When you build something new that you want to keep, you try to build it well.”
“You should enjoy your work, you’re better at it when you enjoy it.”
“We’re in such a disruptive and dynamic world, and if you don’t have an infrastructure that can adapt rapidly, then you’re constantly chasing bad decisions.”
“Part of good decision making is listening as much as speaking.”
“The good leaders were the ones that recognized that they were born into servitude.”
“You have to run your company acknowledging that there is more risk ahead, and not the other way around.”
“The company starts with a team.”
“Everybody is human.”

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