I told the graphic designer I hated her work.

Yes, early in my career when I didn’t know better, I gave some harsh criticism.

And what did I get from that?  A burned relationship with a talented consultant and a sub-par piece of collateral.

Being able to give constructive criticism is so important and now more than ever when we don’t have the benefit of in person communication.

I don’t care who you are at some point you are going to miss the mark.

And instead of being assaulted by a barrage of negativity, it is so much better when we can have a conversation with people and help them understand what they could have done differently and how they can make a situation better.

And if we are the ones directing the project, we have to look inward.  Did we give clear instruction? Were we clear about what we wanted?

So, the next time you get something that wasn’t what you wanted, stop before hurling the vitriol so that you can get what you really want.