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Liz Wainger is a communications expert who works with executives and their teams to craft and deliver messages that win. She is the author of The Prism of Value®: Connect, Convince and Influence When It Matters Most and owner of Wainger Group. Want more tips? Follow her on LinkedIn.

Want to Write Persuasively? Declare Your Editorial Independence 

Some years ago, I found myself in editorial purgatory--working on a speech for my boss and going around and around in search of the next great sound bite. Then, after the 13th draft, inspiration struck.  I declared editorial independence with a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

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6 Ways to Get Comfortable When Feeling Anxious, Threatened and Just Plain Uneasy

Communication apprehension is welling up in you. You are meeting with your boss and presenting your proposal for a new project. Your boss challenges you at every turn and you can’t seem to muster any counter-arguments. Instead of crawling under your desk, use these techniques.

Want a Winning Meeting? Avoid the Disastrous ‘Facipulation’ Trap

Organizations sometimes invest in planning retreats for team building or exploring new solutions, when, in reality, they only want to convince the team to do what management wants. It’s an approach that devalues employees or partners and erodes trust.

7 Ways to Ensure the Biggest Bang for Your Communications Dollar

With the first quarter of the year nearly complete, now is a great time to check in on the effectiveness of your communications investments. Stop wasting time and money on initiatives that are not performing. Here is a checklist to guide you.

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