Brand and CranesIn Marketing and Communications, it is easy to want to chase the shiny bright object–the newest social media platform, a new design for the logo, a new tagline. But the real magic of branding is making your brand live in the hearts and minds of your stakeholders.  And that is hard and often gritty work.

As I noted in this post on Huffington Post, the challenge of creating strong brands and the messages that support them is a like preserving and maintaining our bridges, roads and electrical grid, etc.   Without this critical infrastructure, we cannot get from point A to point B and we can’t move products, ideas or commerce.  Brands, like infrastructure, are a foundation and a means to forge the connections that drive the engagement and trust of our publics that sustains our enterprises.

Dominos faced some serious deferred maintenance of its brand and very publicly invited the world to watch the rebuilding, warts and all. Using Dominos as an example, this post offers some ideas for making sure we don’t have deferred maintenance on our brands.

Is your organization suffering deferred maintenance of your brand?  Have you gone through a process to ensure its strength?  I’d be interested in hearing from you.