Lately, there are some folks who make me feel like I’ve just finished a heavy Thanksgiving meal.  These are the over tweeters: people who just gobble your attention and leave you feeling stuffed but unsatisfied.   It’s too bad because a great deal of what they have to say, some of the time, is useful.  They just don’t know when to stop.

Social Media Don’t-Bee

Take Guy Kawasaki.  I’ve always admired his work and so followed him on Twitter.  But after a short time, I had to hit the unfollow button.  He [or rather his minions] were sending six or seven tweets an hour and most of them promoting his new venture, which I won’t mention here because I don’t want to promote it.  Many of these tweets were compelling but I was drowning in them.  They were also crowding out other voices that I wanted to make sure I heard. Problogger is another one.  I stopped following his tweets but I do read his excellent  blog

Like eating, tweeting or any other means of communications is best done in moderation.  You don’t want to exhaust or bore your audience.   Speak when you have something to say and when you don’t, remember that silence can be golden.