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New Book Prism of Value® Builds Authentic and Effective Communication for Success

What happens when clients, bosses, clients, family or friends don’t get you? You don’t get that coveted job.  Your competitor wins the business you have chased for two years.  You can’t get your co-workers to help you on a project.

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Liz Wainger Lends Corporate Marketing Expertise to Washington Business Journal: “Stanley Cup, Capital One is Already a Winner”

“You want to be in front of your customers and potential customers as often as possible, and you want to be in front of them in positive ways,” said Liz Wainger, corporate branding expert and president of the Wainger Group. “The repetition of hearing your name and having your reputation attached to such a positive thing and such an uplifting thing for our region can only help and reinforce and support the branding strategy the company already has in place.”

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Liz Wainger Honored by Washington Business Journal among Women Who Mean Business

“Wainger’s Rockville-based PR firm focuses as much on helping clients communicate internally as it does to the outside world. Building visibility and getting media hits are nice, but they won’t happen if your company’s stakeholders don’t have a good grasp of who you are …”

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