Wainger Group aligns external and internal communications to win business, motivate supporters and inspire your teams.

Communicate to Connect

  • Want to change minds and recruit hearts?

  • Ready to excite stakeholders with a bold new vision?

  • Tired of  your competition eating your lunch?

  • Need a message that will build success?

Inspire action and grow your enterprise by finding your authentic voice. We can help.

Communications is a mindset, not a task

 Wainger Group builds your communications strategies with leadership and talent development – so what you’re saying comes to life, internally and externally.

We offer bespoke communications consulting:

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Clarify Your Purpose

When people don’t get you, you don’t get what you want and they don’t get what they want. We’ll help you hone in on the messages that matter most. 

Identify your value

Simplify Your Message

A clear, compelling message can help your enterprise grow. We’ll help you find the words that will give you a competitive advantage.

Focus your message

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Amplify Your Presence

Arm your team with the tools they need to tap into new audiences, build relationships and increase visibility.

Strengthen your presence

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Internal Alignment

Effective communication is an essential leadership skill and a key part of inspiring a team toward a common purpose.

Bring your team together

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Workshops & Training
Communication is the glue that holds an organization together, but not everyone is a natural-born communicator.

Make your team more effective

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Inspire creativity, build consensus and find a common purpose by leaving the office behind.

Plan a breakthrough

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“Liz played a pivotal role in supporting our organization in clarifying our message and enhancing our communication strategies. She conducted an outstanding workshop that delved deep into the intricacies of message development. Through her expert guidance, structured approach presented, she empowered our employees to craft compelling and effective messaging tailored to our organizational goals. The workshop was informative and she made the learning process engaging and enjoyable.”

Kate Yuan, Chief People and Culture Officer, Significance

Kate Yuan
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” Liz and her team’s insights, strategy and counsel coupled with a keen understanding of housing, real estate and community-based nonprofits made Wainger Group invaluable trusted advisors as they guided our internal internal communications and project teams, facilitated strategy sessions and supported us as we amplified our presence.”

Catherine Buell, Former Director of the Amazon Housing Equity Fund

Catherine Buell
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“The leadership team of our firm spent a day with Liz Wainger focused on being an effective spokesperson. Liz engaged us from start to finish empowering our team with the best techniques to manage and respond in high-pressure situations. Through role-playing, critiqued short presentations, and small group scenario problem-solving, Liz used many techniques to build confidence and skills that are sure to be invaluable for our firm going forward in client meetings and interviews.”

Kristen M. Hess, CEO, HH Architecture

Kristen M. Hess
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“The research and analysis that Liz and her team produced was thorough, creative and exceeded all of our goals, giving us clear, honest and actionable recommendations so that we can more effectively engage our members and our industry.

She ranks as one of the best consultants we’ve ever hired.”

Steve Campbell, COO, AAMI

Steve Campbell

Drive results with dynamic presentations

Liz Wainger provides tools, not tips through interactive presentations that empower an audience with the skills to cut through the clutter and get the attention they deserve.

Wainger Wisdom Blog

Build Brand Advocacy Internally to Build a Stronger Presence Externally

Creating and maintaining a strong brand presence in today’s competitive market is vital to ensuring your message is heard loud and clear. Turning your internal team into brand advocates reaps enormous benefits, driving engagement, loyalty, and adoption of company values and products. Here are several tips to build brand advocacy internally, ensuring your employees see themselves and act not just as workers but as passionate champions of your brand.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

I Just Don’t Want to Look Bad It’s a refrain we hear from our public speaking and spokesperson training clients. At the core of this sentiment is a fear of being judged, of making a mistake, of feeling shame and embarrassment, and of being perceived as less than or incompetent.