Clarify your purpose.
Simplify your message.
Amplify your presence.

Clarify your purpose.
Simplify your message.
Amplify your presence.

Communications Consulting that Changes Your World

  • Tired of  your competition eating your lunch?

  • Have a bold new vision for your enterprise and need to excite internal and external stakeholders?

  • Need to change  minds and recruit hearts?

  • Want to send a cohesive, compelling and comprehensive message to everyone  who matters most to your success?

  • Have a change in C-Suite leadership and it’s time for a new communications direction?

  • Launching  a massive fund raising campaign and you need to convert your community?

You can communicate the most compelling, persuasive messaging to your clients, constituents, community to inspire engagement and action.
We can help.

Working with Wainger Group

Wainger Group’s communications strategy, planning, coaching and training services help you:

  • Communicate with your prospective clients and supporters so that they know who you are and what you can do for them.

  • Craft a message that will allow you to raise critical funding and support quickly, easily, efficiently

  • Align your team and train them to clearly demonstrate your purpose and vision.
  • Train the next generation of company leadership to effectively represent the organization.

“Liz played a pivotal role in supporting our organization in clarifying our message and enhancing our communication strategies. She conducted an outstanding workshop that delved deep into the intricacies of message development. Through her expert guidance, structured approach presented, she empowered our employees to craft compelling and effective messaging tailored to our organizational goals. The workshop was informative and she made the learning process engaging and enjoyable.”

Kate Yuan, Chief People and Culture Officer, Significance

“The Amazon Housing Equity Fund engaged Wainger Group before we launched to help us as we developed our messaging and outreach strategy to various stakeholders. Amazon was relatively new to the affordable housing space and we needed thoughtful and trusted support as we were new to housing. Liz and her team’s insights, strategy and counsel coupled with a keen understanding of housing, real estate and community-based nonprofits made Wainger Group invaluable trusted advisors as they guided our internal internal communications and project teams, facilitated strategy sessions and supported us as we amplified our presence.”

Catherine Buell, Former Director of the Amazon Housing Equity Fund

“The leadership team of our firm spent a day with Liz Wainger focused on being an effective spokesperson. Liz engaged us from start to finish empowering our team with the best techniques to manage and respond in high-pressure situations. Through role-playing, critiqued short presentations, and small group scenario problem-solving, Liz used many techniques to build confidence and skills that are sure to be invaluable for our firm going forward in client meetings and interviews.”

Kristen M. Hess, CEO, HH Architecture

“The research and analysis that Liz and her team produced was thorough, creative and exceeded all of our goals, giving us clear, honest and actionable recommendations so that we can more effectively engage our members and our industry. She ranks as one of the best consultants we’ve ever hired.”

Steve Campbell, COO, AAMI

Wainger Group has been an invaluable communications partner for more than a decade. Liz (Wainger) has had a discernible impact on the CBRE brand in the greater Washington, D.C., and Florida markets.

Steve Iaco, CBRE

We benefited from Wainger Group’s guidance during a period of organizational transition and change, and their objective analysis continues to serve as a resource as we build our communications and marketing department.

Beth Brummel, VP External Affairs, Wolf Trap Foundation for the Arts

Prism of Value®


In Liz’s book Prism of Value, you will learn how to connect, convince and influence those who matter most to your success.

Prism of Value®


Our flagship podcasts dive into how leaders at very different organizations have delivered value throughout the pandemic, with connections and communications on topics ranging from health and safety to strategic pivots.

Wainger Wisdom Blog

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Avoid Black and White and Embrace Gray Thinking

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Delivering Bad News In a Good Way 

Bad things happen to good companies and organizations. While most organizations worry about their reputation externally, it is equally important to make sure you are communicating to the people who are responsible for that reputation – your employees. Here are some tips to deliver bad news in a good way.

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6 Tips for Better Internal Communication

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is speaking with a consistent and compelling voice.  Silos abound, and even enterprises with a positioning platform find it difficult for their internal communication strategy to take hold in their organization.