Before Hitting Send: How to Write Better Emails

Email has become the most common way to communicate.  Are your emails getting the responses you want?  Are people understanding and hearing what you are saying?  Are you spending more time than you’d like writing and responding to emails rather than doing your job?

This workshop will help you craft more effective emails that get better results and save you and your recipient time and effort and stave off misunderstandings.

In this training session, participants will sharpen their ability to write clear and concise emails and other business correspondence to have greater impact.  The focus of this workshop is on business writing basics: how to grab attention, get to the point quickly, use the right words, avoid grammatical mistakes and build writing confidence.

Participants will leave this interactive workshop with:
  • An understanding of what and what not to put in an email
  • Techniques for writing great subject lines
  • Techniques to organize ideas to structure better emails
  • Techniques for removing the clutter to write shorter
  • Attention-grabbing tips and techniques
  • Ways to write persuasively
  • Using email to build loyalty
  • Timing and frequency
  • Grammar basics, including 25 Common Grammatical Errors and How to Avoid Them
  • The 5 Things to Do Before Hitting Send

Competencies: Written communication
Level: Basic, aimed at employees whose jobs do not involve a lot of writing or require writing competence
Length: ½ day

Writing for Impact

Is your writing holding you back? Does it take you hours to compose a memo or report? Do you wish people would pay more attention to what you write?

In this workshop, participants will learn to harness the power of the written word—without stress or strain. Sharpen your ability to write clearly and concisely so that you make your words matter and deliver your messages with maximum impact. The focus of this workshop is improving business writing: how to grab attention, how to make your points effectively, how to get to the point quickly, and build writing confidence.

Participants will leave this customized, interactive workshop with a Roadmap for Writing Success.
In this workshop, you will learn:
  • Ways to Hone in on Your Objective
  • How to Put Your Meaning into the Right Words
  • The 10 Commandments for Effective Writing
  • Avoiding Common Writing Mistakes
  • How to be Bold and Brief
  • Painting Pictures with Words

Competencies: Message Development, Personal and Organizational Branding
Level: Business and nonprofit professionals at all levels who seek to better articulate their value.
Length: half-day and full-day workshops available

You can communicate the most compelling, persuasive messaging to your clients, constituents, community to inspire engagement and action.
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