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Wainger Group facilitates consensus and advances organizational alignment so everyone on the team is a brand ambassador.

At Your Side: Consulting

Liz Wainger is at your side and at your service with right-sized strategic communications consulting. Start-up or seasoned success story, Liz boosts your team’s capabilities with incisive insight and expertise that gets you unstuck or boosts your success—providing advice that’s on demand and just-in-time.

Brand Ambassadors: Organizational Alignment

To advance objectives and increase the bottom line, your vision needs to embraced and put into action by the entire team. Wainger Group partners with you to facilitate consensus, organize for change and achieve internal and external goals.

Game-Changers: Retreats and Workshops

Putting new strategies into effect? Maybe you’re addressing new audiences—or just need a communications refresher. Wainger Group facilitates lively and interactive retreats and workshops that entertain, enhance camaraderie and build communications authority.

Get Your Point Across: Training & Coaching

Take your communications skills to the next level with Wainger Group’s fleet of award-winning journalists, communications strategists, and public speakers to help you and your teams become ambassadors for the unique value of your enterprise

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Finding the right communications partner to achieve your goals is journey. Let’s talk and see if we are the right fit for each other.

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