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Brand Messaging

Reveal what’s unique about your enterprise and what your key audiences need and want to drive extraordinary results.

The most effective communications start with clear, compelling messages that speak to how you help your audiences overcome challenges and fulfill aspirations. Wainger Group clarifies your messages and aligns communications from marketing to social media, giving you the tools to reveal your brand identity and value, inside and outside your enterprise.

Our offerings include:

Brand Message Development

We get the big idea out of you. Wainger Group’s influence model of message development illuminates your essential value, identifies competitive advantage and creates a message platform that not only makes your value crystal clear to clients and customers, but provides a new lens and framework through which to see your business.

Strategic Communications Planning

Don’t mistake a list of media or tactics for a strategic communications plan. Wainger Group asks the right questions and pinpoints the right messages, tools and vehicles, giving you a Compass Communications Plan™ with powerful strategies and channels to build visibility and influence that leads to new business, enhanced revenue and growth.

Crisis Communications Prep

Reputations take years to build and seconds to destroy. You need to be ready to respond when the unexpected happens. Wainger Group delivers an easy-to understand, rapid-execution crisis management system that all levels of the organization can access to protect your people and the business you’ve worked so hard to create.

Content Strategy & Development

We know the power of messages in action. Wainger Group develops content strategies that turns those messages into results. We don’t just write; we advise with the most appropriate online and on-paper tactics to ensure results.

Communications Audits

We conduct comprehensive examinations of how you communicate with internal and external audiences to understand what’s working and what’s not. Our audits help clients save money and use their resources to drive results.

Brand Ambassadors

We work with your teams to make your organizational messaging their own, so they can amplify and communicate your brand.

Media and Influencer Relations

Wainger Group executes your customized Compass Communications Plan™ to target your audiences and the vehicles that reach them, rolling up our sleeves to reach the “gatekeepers” who have the power to raise visibility and put your brand out front.

“The leadership team of our firm spent a day with Liz Wainger focused on being an effective spokesperson. Liz engaged us from start to finish empowering our team with the best techniques to manage and respond in high-pressure situations. Through role-playing, critiqued short presentations, and small group scenario problem-solving, Liz used many techniques to build confidence and skills that are sure to be invaluable for our firm going forward in client meetings and interviews.”

Kristen Hess, CEO, HH Architecture


You can communicate the most compelling, persuasive messaging to your clients, constituents, community to inspire engagement and action.
We can help.

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