Communicate Your Value

Wainger Group mines for the messages and connections that plot the communications course and galvanize returns.

Compass Communications Planning™

Don’t mistake a list of media or tactics for a strategic communications plan. Wainger Group asks the right questions and pinpoints the right messages, tools and vehicles, giving you a Compass Communications Plan™ that cuts through the clutter to reach and resonate with your best audiences.

Crisis Communications Planning

Your team needs to know how to respond to the unexpected before it happens—and they can’t do that with a mammoth volume of instructions that few have read. Wainger Group delivers a simple system that all levels of the organization can access to protect, assist, and inform in crisis.

Media and Influencer Relations

Wainger Group executes a tailored Compass Communications Plan™ to target your audiences and the vehicles that reach them, rolling up our sleeves to reach the “gatekeepers” who have the power to elevate visibility and put your brand out front.

Content Strategy & Development

We know the power of messages in action. Wainger Group develops content strategies that express those messages and achieve results. We don’t just write, we advise the most appropriate online and on-paper tactics to ensure results.

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PR in a Box™

Finding the right communications partner to achieve your goals is journey. Let’s talk and see if we are the right fit for each other.

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