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Business Consulting

Looking at your business through a communications lens unlocks new opportunities for growth and revenue.

When people tell us they have a communications challenge, it usually means that there is a deeper issue. Maybe there is a push for a new direction. Maybe your funding or revenue is in jeopardy. Maybe your marketing fails to reflect your brand, or your teams don’t know enough to serve as brand ambassadors. Wainger Group’s business strategy consulting gets to the root of challenges and pinpoints strategies and tactics to address them. And we work throughout your enterprise, so a plan doesn’t just sit on the shelf, but is turned into meaningful action.

Our offerings include:

At Your Side Consulting

Liz Wainger is at your side and at your service with right-sized, on-demand and just-in-time strategic business and communications consulting. Start-up or seasoned success story, Liz and her team boost your capabilities with incisive insight and expertise that gets you unstuck or elevates your success.

Facilitating Organizational Alignment

To advance objectives and increase the bottom line, your vision must be embraced and put into action by the entire team. Wainger Group partners with you to facilitate consensus, organize for change and achieve internal and external goals.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Wainger Group takes the “scary” out of strategic planning with a Momentum Strategic Planning™ Process that engages every member of the team in forging powerful strategies, messages and tools that propel your enterprise to greater success, while fostering employee and partner buy-in.

Game-Changing Retreats

Putting new strategies into effect? Need to bring your board together to map out a new direction? Maybe you’re addressing new audiences—or just need a communications refresher. Wainger Group facilitates lively, interactive retreats and workshops that generate fresh ideas, entertain, enhance camaraderie and build communications authority.

Research: Periscope 360™

To underscore your leadership and credibility, you need to know not only what others in your space and within your enterprise are doing—but how they’re expressing it. Wainger Group uses Periscope 360™ systems to assess the internal and external landscape, so you understand your value position and can compete effectively.


You can communicate the most compelling, persuasive messaging to your clients, constituents, community to inspire engagement and action.
We can help.

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